Student Reviews

Here’s what students are saying about me!

“Marie Percy is a gift to this Department, University and dare I say the Universe. She has an expert eye and is a movement master. She is so specific and allows us to achieve the most that we can within her class and our out of classes performances. She changes the game the more she teaches us and is constantly striving to a new level of excellence for herself as a professor and for us as future theatre artists.” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2019

“Marie has been an essential part of my training as an actor. Having taken three courses with her, Marie has intricately charted my development and UNDERSTANDS me. Her keen eye and heart for my passions and challenges has provided me with a safe place to experiment and face fears with gusto. Marie’s classes have provided me with a palette of colors I can access within my body to color the characters I tackle and paint the creative endeavors I am involved in. This course has been so open to my own opinions, visions and ideas – I leave it feeling empowered to discover my own passions further while utilizing my artistic experiences as an actor as fuel forward.” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2019

“She made the way we were taught a transformative experience that pushed us out of our comfort zones in the best possible way.” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2019

“Major focus on process and exploration. We learned practical skills in a way that encouraged self evaluation, rather than fostering a dependence on external feedback.” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2017

“At the beginning of the semester, Marie asked us what we felt we needed to work on as a class, she then took our answers and molded the curriculum around our needs, it is so refreshing to see a teacher who actually cares about what the students needs are right at that moment rather than deciding what the information is that the teacher wants to teach. Marie really allowed us to work and grow as a class this semester which has put us in a great place for creating our showcase and any devised work we plan to do in the future.” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2017

“Our Professor came to class everyday with an excitement and infectious positivity. She is a fantastic listener, and truly treats the thoughts of her students with respect and interest. Not to mention her vast intelligence, which was always available and shared with students so they could take away whatever they needed. She was truly ‘on our level’, never with any sense of ego, attitude, rudeness or condescension. What a teacher!” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2016

“Marie tried to let us discover her lessons or ourselves. She wanted us to learn without having to tell us every step of the way what she thought we should be learning. She let us learn for ourselves. Every component of the class connected to another. There was always an “aha!” moment in her class; a moment where we all collectively realized what Marie was trying to teach us.” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2016

“I thought this class would help me create characters that were unlike myself, but instead it helped me to bridge the gap between myself and the characters. I found ways not only to create the movement, but to justify it and make it feel like it was internally motivated.” – Student Eval Uconn Spring 2015

“Marie had a very deep understanding of what she was teaching. She was never unprepared and could always answer questions. We were never lost and always knew she would help us” – Student Eval UConn Sping 2015

“It is important that you know, much of this professionalism etiquette is a result of your exemplary teaching. I’ve legitimentally noticed a difference in work ethic between the students that you’ve taught, and those that weren’t lucky enough to have your class. I’m very appreciative of your guidance and wisdom!” Student E-mail Spring 2015

“Your class was probably the hardest for me, but I think I learned the most.” Student Thank You card Spring 2014

“I love that my professor really allowed for us to take the time to struggle through our weaknesses in the work and find our own ways to benefit from that experience and use it to learn. I love that she makes me feel like failure is okay, saying “yes” to failure and then letting go of that and trying again is a really useful tool I think for anyone who is learning. She also always made the class feel exciting and interesting and really treats her students with kindness, I really appreciate how open she is to us and I think its been to my benefit to work in an environment like that.” Student Eval Uconn Fall 2013

“I really feel some of my best work and progress was due to your class.” Student Eval Uconn Spring 2013

“The subject matter was fricken exciting and her expertise was simultaneously inspiring and calming.” Student Eval Uconn Fall 2012

“She stressed the importance of process over product and challenged us to achieve our personal best not compete against each other.” Student Eval Uconn Fall 2012














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