We are moving, breathing flesh and blood, beautiful and forgotten. Our bodies hold the truth of who we are, and I reconnect my students to the hidden creativity, wisdom, and power in their bodies.


“I love that my professor really allowed for us to take the time to struggle through our weaknesses in the work and find our own ways to benefit from that experience and use it to learn. I love that she makes me feel like failure is okay, saying “yes” to failure and then letting go of that and trying again is a really useful tool I think for anyone who is learning. She also always made the class feel exciting and interesting and really treats her students with kindness, I really appreciate how open she is to us and I think its been to my benefit to work in an environment like that.” Student Eval Uconn Fall 2013

Student Review Fall 2013

“Marie Percy is a gift to this Department, University and dare I say the Universe. She has an expert eye and is a movement master. She is so specific and allows us to achieve the most that we can within her class and our out of classes performances. She changes the game the more she teaches us and is constantly striving to a new level of excellence for herself as a professor and for us as future theatre artists.” – Student Eval UConn Spring 2019


Student Review Spring 2019