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Intimacy Directors and Coordinators

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What is an Intimacy Director?

An intimacy director (ID) is a choreographer, an advocate for actors, and a liaison between actors and production for scenes that involve nudity/hyper exposed work, simulated sex acts, and intimate physical contact for live performance

An intimacy coordinator (IC) serves the same role for TV/Film.

How is Marie Involved?

Intimacy Directors and Coordinators (IDC) is a leader in training intimacy professionals and educating artists on consent forward creative practices. IDC employees the leading intimacy professionals to harness professional acumen to train the next generation of intimacy professionals and consent forward artists. Marie is a proud owner and co-founder of IDC. Check out our website for more information and offerings! Marie also serves as the resident Intimacy Director at Connecticut Repertory Theater and is certified as an ID through IDC.

What It’s Like to Work with Me

” I was incredibly nervous for my role in Good Children at Connecticut Repertory Theater. As Ella I knew that I was going to have to tap into incredibly visceral emotions and when I read that there was going to be a sex scene I became overwhelmed. All I could think about during the early days of the rehearsal process was this one particular scene and if I would feel safe while it was being choreographed. I had heard that there would be an intimacy choreographer in the room but I wasn’t sure what that meant since I had never heard of the position before. I was excited to see that it would be Marie Percy. The day came to stage the scene. Marie came in and we checked in with one another. She said I could decide who I wanted in the room with us while we choreographed, a few people left and then we began. Marie made me feel so incredibly safe and comfortable. She assured me that I was in charge of my body and that I have rights as a human even though I was doing a job as an actor. My scene partner and I held hands and did three breaths together to connect us before we started choreographing. We gave consent to kiss and touch each other and we had all the power in the world to say if something was not okay with us, all because of Marie. She lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders when she came in, I immediately felt taken care of and that feeling held true throughout the whole rehearsal. I went from being terrified of this scene to having a lot of fun with it within minutes. Intimacy choreographers are so important in creating a safe and creative environment and Marie went above and beyond.” – Sophia Ancona (Ella in Good Children)

” Thank you so much for absolutely everything that you have done for this show. I am not exaggerating at all when I say I would not have been able to do this show without you…You made something that was terrifying to me comfortable and empowering.” – Carly Polistina (Procne in If We Were Birds)

“Words cannot express the amount of gratitude and thanks for you over the course of this insane process…Thank you for always being a voice, someone to look to and make everything so easy and harmless in this process. It’s been my absolute pleasure.” – Aidan Marchetti (Tereus in If We Were Birds)

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