Space Harmony Reimagined

I love teaching the basics of Space Harmony to my acting students, but I never seem to be able to spend as much time on Space Harmony as I want with actors. One of the dilemmas I run into teaching Space Harmony to actors is helping them visualize the spatial pathways. The theory itself is mathematical and abstract. I’ve been exploring different ways to visualize and capture spatial pathways for a while. Its a topic of curiosity to me, and its a great hook to draw someones interest into what can be a challenging and scary movement exploration. Once an actor can see how beautiful the harmonic spatial pathways are they are usually much more open to explore and take risks.

My project, Visualizing Space Harmony, used LED lights strapped to the mover (usually me) and long exposure photography to capture spatial pathways. You can see tons of examples on my website for the project.

Recently I had a wonderful opportunity to reimagine that project in collaboration with Counterproof Press at the University of Connecticut. We created plates from the traceforms we captured in lights, and then were able to recompose and create fresh art. The lithographic prints flatten the traceforms, but the harmonious geometry the traceforms reveal is preserved.



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