Visualizing Space Harmony

Visualizing Space Harmony was born out of a desire to capture the shapes dancers make as they move through space, and it relied heavily on Laban’s theories of Space Harmony. In this process I created short pieces of choreography, strapped LED lights to my body, and then performed the choreography in the dark while we took a long exposure photograph of the movement. What results is the light trail created by my moving body parts. Most light photography is creatively directed by the photographer with a dancer or model posed in stillness in front of the light. In this series I flip the narrative, making the dancer the architect of the image, instead of the object.

Visualizing Space Harmony was displayed at ArtSpace Willimantic in March of 2017.

kicksbeach copy

walkingarmswingsbeach copy

pinklotus copy

diagscale3parts copy


ascalebeach copy

dimensionsbeach copy

armswingsbeach copy


blue cropped







Here are some of my other favorite pieces from the project.

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