Dimensional Scale

This page is a brief description and a collection of media and resources on Laban’s Dimensional Scale. All work created by me, unless otherwise noted. Please let me know if you are using it in your teaching or your studies!


Highlights from Laban’s theory on the Dimensional Scale:

  • Dimensional movement is stabilizing.
  • There are three dimensions: Vertical (up/down), Horizontal (side open, side close), and Sagittal (forward, back).
  • The Octahedron is the Platonic Solid that is associated with the dimensions. The three dimensions are the Cross of Axes within the Octahedron.
  • Pathways in the Octahedron are either central (passing through the center of the mover) or peripheral (passing along the edge of the mover’s kinesphere).
  • The standard ordering for the Dimensional Scale  according to Point of Departure by Valerie Preston Dunlap is:

 Up , Down, Side Close, Side Open, Back, Front

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The video below was hand animated by a student at ECSU during my time as a guest artist there. She used live video of me doing the dimensional scale to create this rotoscoped video.


This video I found online is a fantastic look someone moving at the Dimensional Scale from Dick McCaw’s experience studying with Geraldine Stephenson, Warren Lamb, and Walli Meier.


A video of me doing an Octahedral Six Ring which is another sequence within the Octahedron. It features peripheral pathways rather than the central pathways the dimensional scale is commonly associated with.