Laban Movement Studies

I fell in love with Laban Movement Studies (LMS) when I was first introduced to it by Tiza Garland during my theater training at the University of Florida in 2007. I went on to deepen my understanding of the Laban/Bartenieff work at the Laban Institute for Movement Studies in New York City in a graduate level program of study where I graduated as a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) in 2013.

LMS is probably the least well known but the most powerful and impactful part of my work as a movement specialist. The simplest way to understand LMS is to think of it as a descriptive constellation of concepts. Its theories act as a movement vocabulary that is fundamental and universal. A discipline like yoga says “Move in this specific way”. It proscribes movement. LMS moves beyond that. It does not say “Move this way”. It say “Look at all the ways you could possible move.”. Because this work is capable of describing the full complexities of transient human movement, it has an endless number of applications. It can be put to use creating movement, describing movement, analyzing patterns of movement, and optimizing any physical task. Everything I do as a movement specialist is supported by my knowledge of LMS. Wether I’m working as a theater artist, a choreographer, a visual artist, an acting teacher, or a yoga teacher I’m using my LMS skills to optimize that way of moving and working. It is the coat rack on which I hang all of my movement hats.


The links below lead to resource material that I have created. My hope is that students of LMS, CMAs, dancers, artists, and anyone who is curious will find these resources interesting and useful. Please, please, please let me know what you find interesting and useful! Send me an e-mail or comment on a blog post to let me know how you’re using the material.


Click the picture for resources on the Dimensional Scale!

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Click the picture for resources on the Diagonal Scale.

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Coming Soon! Click the picture for resources on the Girdles Scales.

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Coming Soon! Click the picture for resources on the Axis Scales.


Coming Soon! Click on the image for resources on the A Scale.

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Coming Soon! Click on the image for resources on the B-Scale.

More Resources!!!

These are resources that are out there that have been created by other people. It includes institutions that specialize in this work, web resources, and whatever else I can find that I think is interesting.

LIMS in NYC is a school offering introductory workshops and certifications.



IMS is a school in Santa Barbara CA that offers workshops and certifications



MoveScape Center is a learning center dedicated to understanding human movement.


Moving Space is a fabulous website and an app that animates the trace forms of Laban’s Space Harmony Scales.




The LMA Effort Bank is a fabulous resource for information on Effort – expressive movement.