Passion Drive: A Blessing and a Curse

I love the Passion drive, and its cluster states. I’m particularly a fan of the Dream state. I could sit alone, day dream, and express myself in weight and flow with little recuperative Awake state for hours. It feels good to me to be so in touch with my internal state, and without Space Effort, the Passion drive is the most introverted effort drive. Perhaps there was some sort of outside stimulus to trigger a Passion drive moment, but the expression becomes totally self centered and about expressing or externalizing the tide of feelings and passions running under the surface. Its a beautiful thing, the passionate and emotional undercurrents of the human psyche existing in Space without expressive attention to space. 

Being a passionate person, who relies heavily on the Passion Drive and it’s cluster states in their movement profile has its down sides too. It becomes very easy to become over indulgent and resist the urge to recuperate in space effort, especially if I’m overcome with strong feelings. Often times my recuperations will stay shifting between cluster states and the Passion Drive. On these days, I often find myself running into door frames and table edges, and unable to drag myself out of, what could potentially be, an unpleasant configuration of emotions. 

The great strength of my preference for the Passion Drive is an ability to externalize and physicalize the great tides of emotions that swell beneath the surface, and the down side is an imbalance wherein I don’t access space effort often enough. I become lost in my own internal world, and have a hard time directing myself outward. As a Meyers-Briggs INFP, this preference for the Passion Drive is right in line with my personality. I am curious if there is any correlation between Meyers-Briggs personality types and Movement Profiles, specifically in terms of Effort expression AND relationship to the four main dualities.

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