Octahedral 6 Ring

Most of the time I’ve spent moving in the Octahedron, has been with the Dimensional Scale, and I was curious about what else it might have to offer.
Here is a video of me playing with a peripheral 6 ring.
Some thoughts about it:
I usually associate the Octahedron and dimensions with stability. I love performing the Dimensional scale with central pathways because it feels so safe and secure. Even with peripheral pathways, the even balance is lovely. I did not expect this peripheral 6 ring to be so dynamic! It felt rebounding, as I shifted my weight, yielded to that place of balance, and then sprang to the next point.

I haven’t quite got a smooth rebounded weight transfer from back to side open yet. The dynamic of that part of the peripheral 6 ring is different than the rest of the ring. I’m a little weak on the definition of a knot in Space Harmony, but this pathway certainly feels “knotted” since in order to stay on the periphery of the Octahedron you have to add a turn. I bet with some more practice that rebounded smooth weight transfer could lead into the turn and rebound out of it without the knot disrupting the flow of the ring so much.

One other note: I’ve chosen to perform the pathway from high to back as a more central pathway, despite the fact that this is a peripheral ring by definition. This is because I am still trying to break my habit of advancing my chest while retreating in Space. Using distal-core organization and having my hand past centrally near my body helps me to integrate that retreated chest. Of course I could have chosen to perform this sequence by doing this pathway peripheraly, allowing my shoulder to rotate externally, without crossing myself, and then avoided the knot and turn from back to side open, but the way I’ve done it in the video was the fun option!

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