Diagonal Scale

This video was taken in the Fall of 2011 when I was applying to do my CMA certification at LIMS.
Some interesting things to note about the way I was moving at this point in my life.
1. I’m not really using the peripheral pathways that are traditionally done in the Diagonal Scale. I’m coming back to place center to keep myself stabilized. Everybody wants to be in control, right? I love being dimensional and central, probably because as a gymnast growing up my choices were be dimensional or die.
2. When I take my right arm to back right high my rib cage advances, despite the fact that the Shaping affinity for back right high is retreated. It looks like an upper lower disconnect to me. Moving back and side open with an advanced chest seems to be a habit of mine I’m still working on addressing today. Working on getting that contralateral action integrated!

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