Space Disharmony

My intention is to use the blog aspect of my home page to share with the world my personal practice when it comes to Space Harmony and movement analysis. Space Harmony is a pivotal part of Laban Movement Studies. It provides theoretical markers within a mover’s kinesphere (personal movement bubble) to assist in understanding how someone move’s within their personal space.

As an introvert with an interest in mathematics and movement this area of study is personally challenging and endlessly fascinating. The geometric crystalline structures and logic used to scaffold movement in Space tickle the mathematician in me, but the introvert in me prefers to move in ways that are largely internally driven. There is a tension created within me between my theoretical fascination and my preference for moving without emphasizing attention to the Space around me. This tension puts me in a position to constantly venture out and explore the unknown, unattended Space around me using the theory as my guide.

And so I get to the title of this page: Space Disharmony. I have lovingly titled this page Space Disharmony in reference to the internal turmoil the study of Space Harmony creates within me. My plan is to work my way through Laban’s Scales, primarily using Choreutics by Rudolf Laban and Point of Departure by Valerie Preston-Dunlop and to play with some scales of my own, taking video, commenting on my triumphs, discoveries, and failures. Should be interesting 🙂

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